Official FWC event Photographs

Our official event photographers is

Photographs from this year’s event will be available from 6:30am on Monday 13th May.

The Photographers will be in the following locations on the day …

Newlands Pass 01

Kirkstone Pass

The photographer, Darren, will be just below the summit. Use the Fred Whitton Challenge Results page to see your time at the summit.

Newlands Pass 01

Newlands Pass
out of Buttermere

The photographer, Carlos, will be just below the summit. Use the Fred Whitton Challenge Results page to see your time at the summit.

Hardknott Pass

Three photographers will be located on the pass.

Camera 1

Lower slopes of the pass.
A chance to smile on the intermediate section between the steep ramps of the pass.

Newlands Pass 01

Camera 2

Hardknott ramp leading up to the hairpin bend.
If you pull your foot out or simply need a break stop on the bend (out the way of other riders) below then wait for a suitable gap and ride past the photographer

Newlands Pass 01

Camera 3

Just below the summit of the pass.

This photographer will capture you aiming for the summit with views of Eskdale in the background.

Newlands Pass 01
Newlands Pass 01

Blea Tarn

The photographer, Darren, will choose the best spot on the day. Expect to see him on a steep spot. Use the Fred Whitton Challenge Results page to see your time at the summit.

Some extra help tracking your photos

The file names will represent the time you passed the camera – for example, a file name may look like this.. 141059
1400 hours, 10 minutes and 59 seconds.
Type in the search 1410 and all the files within that minute will display, do not add the seconds to the search.

Newlands Pass

Our photographer will be just below the summit.
The Fred Whitton Challenge Results page will log the time you crest the summit.
It should be fairly straightforward to track down your photo.

Hardknott Pass

Calder Bridge is the last feed before the final climbs of Hardknott, Wrynose and Blea Tarn.
You will have covered 81 miles, so an excellent point to refuel and ready yourself for what is to come.
It’s 12.5 miles to the foot of Hardknott Pass so here are some estimations of how long that will take….

10mph 1 hour 15 mins
12mph 1 hour 2 mins
15mph 50 mins
20mph 38 mins

Camera 1 is based at the Roman Fort car park. GPS 54.402253,-3.201770
(what3words location: )

Camera 2 is based on the ramp just below the hairpin bend. GPS 54.402940,-3.193885
(what3words location: )

Camera 3 is based just below the summit. GPS 54.402865,-3.192254
(what3words location: )

The Strava KOM is 8:41 at the time of writing this, most riders cover it between 15-20 minutes. So, riding up in 20 minutes, expect to reach camera 1 around 9 minutes into the climb, camera 2 another 5 minutes and finally camera 3 about 5 minutes later.


You will be able to search using number recognition, it will also find text such as club name on clothing.

You must have your number clearly visible in front of any cabling – don’t wrap your number around the headtube.

Number recognition will be available for Newlands, Hardknott Camera 1, extra galleries may be added depending if riders are photographed side on or head on.

Finally … the weather

We experienced all four seasons in a short space of time at the 2021 event.

Just 2 hours between these photographs.

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