The last thing you want the night before any big ride, is the taxing task of packing all the right kit before getting up early doors to make the start of your ride. Use the kit list below to ensure you have everything and make use of some of the tips experienced riders of the Fred have for us.

Kit List:

The Bike

  • Bike – the main thing here is making sure your bike is in good working order. Ensure the brakes work and gears are well indexed, you don’t want any surprises the morning of the event. We also suggest staying away from rim brakes on carbon wheels, we have on many occasions seen reputable brands warp under the strain of the descents. Also be mindful of your gear ratio, getting it right can make a big difference!
  • Bottle Cages + Bottles x 2 – we suggest having two full bottles on the bike when you start. The first feed station/water point is not until 47.5 miles
  • Saddlebag (optional) – an optional extra but a great addition to my Fred set up, allowing me to have all spares, money, phone in the saddlebag rather than my jersey pockets leaving plenty of room for nutrition.
  • Repair Kit – spare tube, pump and/or CO2, multi tool. The Fred is a challenge, you need to be self-sufficient out there.
  • Cycle Computer – optional


The Clothing

  • Helmet – compulsory
  • Sunglasses – helping to keep things out of your eyes when descending the passes.
  • Cycling Shoes
  • Cycling Socks
  • Shoes Covers – if going to be a cold start
  • Buff
  • Gloves
  • Knee and Arm Warmers
  • Base layer or under vest
  • Jersey
  • Long Sleeve Jacket – compulsory on the Fred as seen in the Ts & Cs. Even if it is warm at the start, the top of the passes can be 5C colder and be blowing a gale. We have even had snow on the passes in May!
  • Chamois Cream


 The Nutrition

There are feed stations on course which will allow you to fill up water bottles and take on board calories. However, everything is unpackaged so we suggest you bring some food for on the bike. Below is an example of a typical days riding foods.

  • Electrolyte Tabs/Sachets – super light and easy to mix with the water you collect from feed stations.
  • Fruit and Nut Bars
  • Banana
  • Energy Gels

Everyone’s nutrition strategy will vary and of course you can get professional help here (Kendal Mint Company are working on a Fred nutrition guide as we speak).  But to keep things simple, try and eat something small every thirty minutes. Stick to typical foods like fruit and nut bars or Bananas at the start of the ride and then move to move glucose heavy foods like energy gels in the second half of the ride.

 The Admin

You will be sent in the post a couple weeks before the event a letter with some further information/forms, please bring the below items with you for pack collection on Saturday or Sunday morning.

  • Registration Card – this is the card we keep of yours so we have all your details and emergency contact information
  • Photo ID – you need to this to sign on and collect your event number on Saturday or Sunday morning
  • Car Park Pass – please display in the window of your car
  • Rider Notes – all key information can be found on this document for the event. Not obligatory to bring it, but the paper is waterproof and it does make a great wind block if put down the front of your jersey!!
  • Money – just incase you need to buy spares or fancy a beer from our on site pub at the end